Deciding Between a PC and a Mac

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on January 19, 2012
Last Updated on Tuesday, July 07, 2015 at 8:17 PM
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Most people searching for a computer have already used a PC or a Mac before. This comfort in an already familiar operating system might sway a buyer to getting a computer they are already familiar with. A lot of buyers hear a lot of rumors about PCs and Macs that might pursuade them to switch. So the question you have to ask yourself is if switching is worth it to you.

In some cases yes, the switch can be worth it, but in other cases no, the switch is definitely not worth it. What factors keep a person with their familiar operating system and which factors causes them to switch?

The biggest factor to include in this decision is the learning curve of your new computer. How familiar are you with your current operating system? If the answer is very little then this is not a big factor. Also, how much time do you have to dedicate yourself to learning this new operating system? Are you about to start a new job that requires you to use this computer? Are you about to start college? Making the switch to a different operating system will take some time to overcome the learning curve. If you are computer savvy, this learning curve will only take about a month before you feel completely comfortable. So if you're using this computer for college or a new job, you should purchase this computer a month ahead a time to make sure you understand the ins and outs.

So what are the advantages of owning a PC? PC, short for personal computer, is often referenced to windows computers. Technically Macs can be referred to as PCs, but are more commonly referred to as Macs. So PCs or computers that run windows operating systems are typically up to 4 times cheaper then Macs. With the latest version of Windows 7 and all its updates, PCs are a great purchase for the price.

So why are Macs so expensive? Are they worth all this extra money? Macs are a tough sell. They currently own about 10 percent of market share. If they were worth the extra money this number would be a little higher.

Is it possible that this 10 percent knows something that PC owners don't? This might also be true. PCs have always been more prevalent and only recently have Macs picked up steam. So what's making them become more popular?

With the growth of Apple's retail stores, Macs are becoming more common and better understood. The Mac boast benefits like less vulnerable to viruses, better support, better hardware, and better aesthetics. It is true that Macs don't recognize .exe files which makes them less vulnerable to a certain percentage of viruses. Also, Apple's support is award winning and is incomparable to any other pc manufacturer or retail store. Macs are also believed to be more trendy and have a better look and feel.

If your one the few people who are completely new to computers, Apple allows you to purchase a product called One-to-One with the purchase of a computer that allows you to take unlimited amount of one-to-one computer lessons in a year. Realistically this breaks down to about 1 lesson a week or more based on available openings. This product alone makes purchasing a Mac for first time computer users very attractive.