How does your Alexa ranking affect your traffic?

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on February 3, 2012
Last Updated on Friday, July 10, 2015 at 3:13 PM
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A lot of people hope that their higher Alexa ranking will get them more traffic. It's a pretty logical assumption. You get more recognition from the Alexa community when your rank goes up. The main goal of a lot of web developers is to improve their Alexa ranking to get into Alexa's top million websites. With this accolade, your website is published on Alexa's top million website list. The general thought most developers have is that being on this list will give your website a huge boost, but is that true?

When your website makes the top million list on Alexa, the traffic to your website should get a couple extra visitors a day, that's it. If you're wondering why you wouldn't get even more visitors, the answer is simple. The only benefit of getting on this list is the occasional visit from someone browsing sites on this list. Even if this spreadsheet document is heavily viewed, there is literally a million websites on it.

If each person who views this document looks at 10 sites, which is highly unlikely, then your website has a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting viewed by that person. If there were 1,000 people who downloaded the spreadsheet, then your odds go up to 1 in 100. These are all hypothetical numbers.

The reality of the situation is, you can get a couple extra visitors a day when you crack the top million list, hardly noticeable. However, if you manage to get to Quantcast's top 10,000 and then Alexa's various top 500 lists, then you will see an even larger bump in traffic.

In conclusion, in order to get a large impact on your traffic directly related to your traffic ranking, you need to get a global ranking of at least 10,000. To do that your website will need over 150,000 visitors a month from the US alone, a feat that is probably unachievable for most sites. There is no reason to break the bank attempting to get this high of a website ranking. If you don't achieve it in an organic, sustainable way, then falling from those ranks can be even quicker than getting there.