iPhone 4s

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on November 2, 2011
Last Updated on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 5:18 PM
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During Apple's keynote speech on October 4, 2011, Apple announced that the iPhone 4s will be released on October 14. There was a mixed reception, because the highly anticipated iPhone 5 would not be released just yet. Despite no iPhone 5, the iPhone 4s is quite remarkable. Most notably was the fact that Apple took the A5 dual core processor from the iPad and put it into the iPhone 4s. Being able to compete with other dual core processor phones was very important for Apple.

Other upgrades include Siri, a new voice recognition software program embedded into the iOS. Siri is beta, but looks to become a leader in voice recognition software. Apple is engineering Siri so that you can speak to your phone as if it is another human being. This feature makes the iPhone 4s truly revolutionary.

With the new iPhone 4s you can set geolocation reminders. You can tell Siri to "Remind me to call my wife when I leave work" and it will recognize once you leave work and tell you to call your wife. You can setup "geofences" to make this possible. Setup a geofence around your work, home, church, gym, or your favorite restaurant.

Another new feature of the new iPhone 4s is the 1080p HD video recorder. Shoot video in high definition with the new and improved camera. The new 8-megapixel camera offers the best pictures and videos yet.

The last new feature to mention is that this phone has a modem for both CDMA and GSM cell networks. This feature makes it a world phone and allows you to roam in 200 different countries that run GSM networks. Also, this phone has dual antennas to double the maximum download data speeds to 14.4 Mbps. iPhone 4S is the first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive, so call quality is better. Altogether this means faster connections, faster loading and reloading, and faster downloads.

The only complaint about the new iPhone 4s has been the battery life. There is a lot of different ways to manage your cell phones battery life. Here are a couple solutions to your iPhone 4s battery problems.

  • Turn off notifications. When your various apps have notifications for you, get them by opening the applications manually.
  • Turn down the brightness of your screen.
  • Turn the “show traffic” feature off in Maps.
  • Have your Mail application set to get emails manually. When this is done, all you have to do is open mail to get your emails.
  • Power off your phone when not in use. If you need your phone, but not a network connection (cellular or wifi), put your phone in airplane mode.
  • Exit out of unused apps by double clicking your home button. This will take you into your multitasking. Hold your finger down on any unused apps then click on the red minus sign.
  • Through your settings there is a number of other things you can disable like Siri. Go through your settings and make changes that you know will improve your phones performance. If there’s a setting you don’t understand, Google it.

The Apple retail stores are at your disposal. Make a reservation at the Genius bar to talk to a Family Room Specialist or Genius about how to improve the performance of you iPhone. Chances are that they will shoot you a tip that you've never heard before. Check out White Root Media's Technology Timeline to see where the iPhone 4s falls in technology history.