Network Technician

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on January 4, 2012
Last Updated on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 3:13 PM
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Becoming a network technician is a great IT position to pursue. Network technicians troubleshoot network problems, upgrade network equipment, and work with third party companies like service providers and equipment manufacturers.

It has a lot of similarities to PC technician positions. For instance, you are able to move around more and are not limited to a desk. You might operate out of a network operations center (NOC) in a single building or across multiple buildings. If you support external clients, you might even get the opportunity to travel.

The problems you will face as a network technician will vary. When solving a network problem, there are many layers of troubleshooting. Because these jobs require a more qualified professional with a couple years of experience, these jobs tend to pay more. Depending on the company you work for, you can be supporting your own coworkers or external customers.

While being a network technician you are trusted to be more independent. Usually in the IT industry, the more experience and qualified you are, the less you are monitored. This is usually related to your ability to work on your own without the support of others.

When performing work on networks, downtime must be minimized. For network technicians this might mean working long hours. Personally, I've been in situations where I was expected to work 18 hours straight due to being left short-handed. Besides the occasional push to meet a deadline, there are not that many negative aspects to becoming a network technician. If you work in a NOC, then you might get a little lonely at times, but working in NOCs is not always the case.

The kind of experience you will gain from holding this position is irreplaceable. You will get the opportunity to see how computers, servers, and network equipment are interconnected and managed. Being able to troubleshoot issues on all different levels makes you an extremely important asset. With this kind of background, you will be qualified for many different positions for your future interests.