The Alexa Toolbar

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on February 4, 2012
Last Updated on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 5:55 PM
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The Alexa Toolbar is a browser add-on with many different features. There is an add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. If you use any of these three browsers, then you will be able to use this toolbar.

There are a couple of reasons for wanting to use this toolbar:

  • Quick access to Facebook and Twitter
  • Perform Google searches quickly and easily
  • To see whats trending (searches and webpages)
  • See the popularity of a website you’re currently viewing
  • Get reviews on a website you’re currently viewing
  • Retrieve the contact information for a site owner quickly and easily
  • And quick access to Gmail and Amazon Wish List

From this toolbar you are able to do many things. The average user will enjoy this tool for the ability to jump to Facebook or post a tweet to Twitter with the click of a button. Also, a typical person would love the ability to perform Google searches from their current page.

For people who enjoy following trending topics there is two buttons that will interest you – a button for the hottest pages and a button for the hottest searches. The hottest pages and searches are those among the Alexa Toolbar community and therefore might not be the most popular trends at the time, but a decent indicator. Yahoo also has a trending section that might have a more accurate view of what really is trending.

You are also able to see the Alexa ranking for the website you are currently viewing. This will tell you how popular this webpage really is. Along with knowing the popularity of the website you're viewing, you are also able to read reviews on this site. By knowing a site's popularity and being able to read its reviews, you can get a good idea about the legitimacy of a website.

Another cool feature of the Alexa toolbar is the ability to retrieve the contact information for the owners of the website you are currently viewing. This is extremely helpful if you need to be in contact with website owners. You can perform this function with a click of a button.

By joining the Alexa Toolbar community, your internet browsing information gets shared with Alexa. Alexa uses this information to help rank websites' popularity and give its users information about what's trending. Alexa doesn't collect any information that identifies you specifically, but they will ask you a couple demographic questions before intalling the toolbar. It should take less than 30 seconds.

Overall this toolbar has some very cool features. Give it a try and install the Alexa Toolbar today. Explore these features and the ones not mentioned by installing it today. Visit for more information and for installation of the Alexa Toolbar.