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By: Dusty Arlia
Published on October 20, 2011
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"The Lazarus Effect" is a documentary filmed in Africa about the AIDS epidemic. In Africa, AIDs is the leading cause of death. The film was produced by (RED) which is part of The Persuaders LLC. This film was directed by Lance Bangs and produced by Sheila Roche, Danielle Peretz, and Steve Golin.

This documentary was given its name from the Gospel of John where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. The medicine that is given to Africans in this film gives these people a second chance at life. There is no cure for AIDS, but the medicine in this film manages the virus so that people can live with this disease and have fulfilling lives.

This medicine, anti-retrovirals or ARVs, also has the ability to help prevent pregnant women from passing the HIV virus to their baby at birth. If both parents are HIV positive their child may still be born HIV negative. The chances of this happening increases when the mother can stay healthy and keep a strong immune system (keeping the HIV virus under control.) When this is done the chances of her transmitting to the baby are very low. Now with ARVs a pregnant woman can go to a clinic and get tested. If she is positive she can take medications near the end of her pregnancy so it minimizes the levels of the virus so it doesn't transmit to the baby. AIDS has killed over 20 million people in Africa. After watching this documentary, you begin to see how HIV/AIDS is preventable and treatable. When taking anti-retrovirals (AVRs) you can significantly improve your health over the course of 40 days.

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria started funding ARV programs in 2003 in Africa. The US President's emergency plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR) followed shortly afterwards. In 2006, (RED) was created to drive corporate profits into The Global Fund to finance AIDS programs in Africa.

In 2002, 50,000 people could afford ARVs in the continent of Africa. In 2009, over 3 million people had access to free ARVs thanks to The Global Fund and PEPFAR. There's still not easy access to this medicine. Some people walk as far as four days and 3 nights to get to the closest clinic. There is still improvements that can be made to help all Africans get diagnosed and treated more timely. 3,800 people still die in Africa everyday from AIDS. The goal of (RED) is to have a world free of AIDS by 2015. It costs about 40 cents a day to provide a person with life-saving anti-retroviral medication.

Other people involved in producing the "The Lazarus Effect" include Lance Bangs, Sheila Roche, Danielle Peretz, Steve Golin, Kjerstin Rossi, Constance Mudenda, Concillia Muhau, Bwalya Liteta, Sylvia Ng'Andwe, Paul Nsangu, Dr. Mannasseh Phiri, Hope Samutu, Thebang Sello, Unice Sichiako, Joyce Sikapula, Motselisi Thaisi, Sebastian Dunn, Bart Love, Joseph Muwowo, Chiemi Karasawa, Greta Thomas, Spike Jonze, Susan Smith Ellis, Rita Mbanga, Emmeline Yang, Colin Brady, Jennifer Willig, Sunrise Productions, South Africa, Kunda Mando, Milimo Moyo, Jonx Pillemer, Antonin Kratochvil, Matthew Gair, Towela Sichinga, Evan McNary, Lusako Sichali, Robert Jan De Vries, Chris Bertolotti, Alan Reback, Debra White, Marc Chamlin, Melissa Georges, Jaclyn Paris, Stan Usherenko, Tupochele Mtila, Travis Rex, Deanna Urcivoli, Marc Labelle, Moira Morel, Rocco, Melia, HBO Studio Productions, Redhead/Vikkal Parikh, Miriam Shumba, Raden Haamphunga, Joshua Munambwa, and Jerry Luputa.

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