What is a Web Application?

By: Dusty Arlia
Published on February 1, 2013
Last Updated on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 4:16 PM
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Web applications are software programs or just simply advanced websites. Web applications usually make use of both front-end languages and back-end languages. An application can be an interactive game or it can be a well designed website with advanced features. The word "application" hints at the software program or website being interactive or having advanced features. This is usually obtained through the combination use of front-end and back-end programming languages working together to offer an excellent customer experience.

The thing that most web applications have in common is their customized look for certain devices. Web application developers spend a lot of time configuring their application to look great at different screen dimensions. A web application can be customized to a specific device such as an iPad or Android phone or the application can be "fluid" and be responsive to different screen sizes. A fluid web application is the best route. This allows for compatibility across multiple devices and responsiveness when that screen size changes (Example: rotating your phone, switching to a projector, or changing monitors). WhiteRootMedia.com is a fluid website that will work great across multiple devices. With a downloadable link to WhiteRootMedia.com from one of the many app stores available (like Apple's App Store) could lead us to advertise our "White Root Media app" even though it would just be a link to our site.

There has been a strong shift in how companies approach their web presence. Companies that have the resources and/or budget to offer a web application on top of their current company website will normally do so. As just mentioned, current company sites can be advertised as web apps if designed with advanced CSS and JavaScript - easily accomplished by a highly skilled web developer.