Celebrating Veterans Day

By: Sandra Benitez
Published on November 3, 2011
Last Updated on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:04 AM
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Veterans Day is quickly approaching and many will let this day pass by without a second glance or thought. What we often take for granted is actually so important that others are willing to fight to their deaths for. Whether you agree or disagree about our military's current stance fighting overseas, we must show respect to the men and women who believe in our country. My father had served in the army back in the 1960s stationed in Germany. The military gave this young man the opportunity not only to serve his country, but also the opportunity to travel and see the world. During his travels and three day pass, he met my mother while sightseeing off post. Eight months later they were wed. This led to my journey with my two siblings and multitude of children. The military also gave my father the opportunity of education leading my father to a successful career and business in engineering. For all this I'm eternally grateful. My husband also had served as a Marine. During his service, he also traveled a multitude of places and served his country proudly.

Let me fast forward to give you some passing thoughts of why we should be grateful to those who serve. Terrorists will exist always. However in comparison to many other nations we live in a fairly safe and secure location. We don't wake up with the fear of avoiding roadside bombs or having suicide bombers approach us in public settings where we are enjoying time with our family or friends. Let's consider a staggering statistic. An interview was conducted last year on average, everyday Americans. They asked them if called upon would they serve their country. Almost every individual interviewed had various reasons of why they couldn't serve. Examples range greatly from "I'm important in my position at work" to "I have pets to take care of". Now, in my opinion, there are legitimate reasons which restrict a person from serving. However, we must not take for granted that our freedoms are because of our democracy which we have fought so hardly for.

So please let's remember our men and women who serve this coming Veterans Day, November 11. Some creative ways we can participate is to have our children write or draw picture thank you cards to have sent in care packages. Remember to thank a veteran. They often feel forgotten over time and many suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder from combat. Make them feel appreciated. If you see a service member remember to thank them as well. Dedicate a song in someone's honor or make care packages to be sent overseas.