Freegan Doesn’t Have to Mean Vegan

By: Sandra Benitez
Published on November 3, 2011
Last Updated on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:04 AM
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The word ‘freegan’ may sound odd or unfamiliar to you. But Freegans are a unique, growing population among society. More people are struggling in our almost double dip recession. Gas costs more; housing expenses have increased- often forcing individuals to the outskirts or in some cases in bad areas in the city. Food is a wonderful thing to have, but due to costs it often leads people to eating less nourishing foods. Freeganism is essentially gone against what traditional society would have us stand by and embrace a healthier, cheaper style of living. Can you imagine, living better and cheaper with the ever growing costs of living?

Let me introduce you to the world of Freeganism. Traditionally Freegans are Vegans. But this has now caught on to mainstream society and I can show you how to incorporate these values in your daily lives. Freegans often work less hours (hence more time for your family, emotional needs and less stress). We can eliminate the need for buying a lot of food by participating in Waste reclamation. Grocery stores often throw out their items by sell by dates. Products expiration dates are usually longer than sell by and often thrown in the dumpsters behind the grocery stores. You can get these items by calling the grocery store and asking if any food is available for pickup that will be thrown away. You would be surprised by their answer often times. Bakeries are another great place to get donations.

What about getting clothes and household items for free? Does it sound too good to be true? Not really. I used to be a moderator on through yahoo groups. Free cycle now has over 8 million users worldwide. Simply look up one locally in your city, and sign up to give away and reply to offer adds. It is free to sign up. Some of the items you may find are furniture, food, clothing, school supplies, and more. Another great avenue is Craigslist. Be sure to check out your cities free section. It is updated daily. Another great way, is dumpster diving. It can be literal or lots of times you can find items by the dumpster or curbside near houses during apartment and housing evictions.

Lastly, let’s discuss food banks. If you can take a moment to look up local area food banks in your area. Often times with proper planning, you can hit anywhere from 2-4 monthly for free, and get awesome selections. Many of them don’t require income verification, and you can give them your explanation as to why you are there. Either direction, living cheaper should be something as a priority. Taking the time, to do something as simple as growing a window box garden when living in an apartment can teach your children the value of fresh produce and how to save money in our tight economy.