What is Freeganism?

By: Sandra Benitez
Published on Friday, May 24, 2013, 02:55 PM
Last Updated on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:12 AM
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Freeganism is a life style movement that more people are adopting not only in Europe but now throughout the United States. There is a variety of websites in which you may educate yourself about the Freeganism movement which have been included under references for self-education.

Freeganism comes with the concept of a sense of boycotting our current economic system and being able to live as cheaply as feasible and in many cases living for free. Freeganism is a lifestyle movement that is practiced throughout the year. However in upcoming heat there are some important tips to remember and to live by.

  1. Remember to keep hydrated at all times. Being dehydrated will not only cause serious potential health issues but also slow down your potential for being able to dive.
  2. Dumpster dive during evening hours as to avoid the heat.
  3. Check when stores close and what days of the week they dump their produce or meats.
  4. Physically smell the meat. Does it have a spoiled sour odor? If so don’t risk it.

Housing Tips

Many freegans find vacant houses` in ‘which to reside’. There are some recommendations when considering to squat. Check the laws in your area before squatting to make sure it isn’t considered a criminal activity. If you are in the free and clear consider squatting with others. It is considered a safety net and it better to have multiple people to keep a watchful eye out for potential dangers.

Once you find a space to squat, you will need to check it for other potential squatters and hazards. Make sure you have access to exits in case of an emergency. If you wish to consider being a long term resident you may want to consider securing the premises and changing out the locks. Lastly, you will need to clean up your living space. Overtime, vacant spaces will get dusty, potentially have rodent friends and need a good scrub down.

Happy hunting whether it is for food, items or housing. In an economy that is considered ever toughening and fast food orientated we can live healthier. It is still our option of how we will live and what we will consider doing for survival.


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