Learning How To Use Coupons

By: Sandra Benitez
Published on November 1, 2011
Last Updated on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:14 AM
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I love watching extreme coupon shows on television. So much that I started taking notes in my notebook on how to save on my everyday items that I need. So, I just completed my first attempt at 'real' couponing at Martins grocery store. I paid a total of $68 and saved $64.50! For my first time, I must say I'm impressed and more determined than ever to save money. My big trip is just around the corner. I'm learning tips on how to save more next time, and where to find the bargains.

Let me introduce you to my new world. First, I discovered there is couponing clipping services. This is an awesome idea, because it allows you to use the search items and subheadings to find your desired items. I just had my first batch of coupons arrive in the mail from couponclippers.com. I found their website very simple to both navigate and their turnaround time for shipping was outstanding. In all, I spent $27.00 including shipping for over $400.00 in total items. Now that is a valuable investment in my opinion. I encourage you to look on the internet as there is various couponing services available in which to browse.

Now that we have discussed about couponing services, now let's consider our avenues for saving. I know that circulars in the mail can seem to be clutter but in actuality they hold hidden treasures. This will show you the upcoming sale items at the grocery stores and Wal-Mart (yes they do accept coupons!) for the week. Lots of grocery stores now have ten for ten items now and it is a great way to stock up. Another way to save is through your Sunday addition paper. The added circulars usually have about hundred plus in coupon savings each weekend.

Now that we understand how to start saving let's review some tips. One most important tip is not to buy items just for the sake of having a coupon. If you're not going to use it personally, donate to others in need - don't buy it. Another insider tip is that almost all grocery stores will only double coupons that are up to .99 cents. That means if it is $1.00 (just 1 cent above) they will not double your coupon. That is important to remember when searching for coupons. I hadn't known that tip on my first trip. Another great item to look out for is buy one get one free items. You can never go in the wrong direction. Also be sure that you save by signing up for the savings cards. Always present it to the store clerk for in store savings in additions to your coupons.

Remember to have patience. Couponing is like riding a bicycle. It takes time and patience to learn the techniques. You may spend up to three hours in your local grocery store. But the feeling of seeing your bill go down drastically is well worth the investment in our ever toughening economy. Couponing can become a great hobby that you can involve your partner or children in the process with by taking them shopping. Start a new adventure and bring couponing into your lives.