Meditate Yourself To Health

By: Sandra Benitez
Published on November 17, 2011
Last Updated on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:18 AM
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Ever wonder how you could reduce the surmounting stress in your daily life? Meditation has existed for thousands of years. It has been proven not only to reduce stress, but also relax your tension in your muscles, lower your blood pressure and refocus your thoughts. You may be wondering how in your hectic schedule it would be possible to add yet another task.

Meditation can be incorporated into any schedule. It is a matter of simple techniques that can make a life transformation. Let's discuss the basic steps of meditation. Find your happy spot! That's right, much like Peter Pan's never never land- We have a special place we have simply not yet discovered. For me, it is on the hill in our field in the backyard. I climb half way up on the back hill and sit myself down. I've done this day and night. Another favorite quiet spot has been relaxing in the bathtub. Where ever it may reside, find your serene place away from your hectic lifestyle. It can even be during your lunch break at your cubicle.

Let's talk about posture. Sitting is one of the most natural positions for meditation. Relax your arms and face palms up on each side of your legs. Close your eyes and choose a focus. Be aware of your breathing, learning how to breath from your belly (diaphragmatic breathing). This assists you in a wonderful, calming effect. You can practice this technique by lying down and putting your hands on your belly. As you inhale, feel your belly rising up like a balloon. Try to hold this for a count of five, and exhale feeling yourself deflate into the floor. Once you have this technique down comfortable, try it in a sitting position. If you take this technique to heart, you will often find yourself breathing this way eventually in a natural environment. It is a great technique to reduce anxiety.

Let's try not to focus. This means turning yourself away from your busy thoughts and creating a blank plateau. An easy beginner's technique is to single focus. Think of a thought, for instance your favorite place to visit. Imagine yourself now at that place, and look around. Create your environment. Add your details as you envision your space. Or it could be as a simple as the type of environment and yourself there with nothing around. Just with miles of space surrounding you. Focus on your breathing, listening to yourself. Letting go of the everyday chaos that seems to occur and cancel our peace. Meditation is different for each individual. The most important step is trying. Giving your health a chance; is a gift to your body, mind, and soul.