Job Title: Contributing Journalists

Job Description: White Root Media has career paths available for potential job seekers in all industries. WRM is always looking for experts in different fields to contribute to its vision. If you meet the requirements to be referred to as an expert in your field, you have the potential to write for us and earn yourself a residual income.

Job Requirements: Be able to write informational articles. These articles should be factual and unbiased. If your writing style is more personal and opinionated, that's ok, but it still must be accurate and portray all sides to the story. Accuracy and creditability lies within the author of the article. All articles you publish will be linked to you as the contributing journalist. This correlation will also show your qualifications as an expert in this area.

Job Duties: Besides the residual income, the biggest benefit of working for WRM is the job flexibility. While writing with us, you will have the ability to write as often as you would like too. Contributing Journalists can make this a part-time career or full-time career and can take as many vacations as they would like to or write some articles while on vacation. This opportunity can really be what you make of it. Whether it is for fun filling a passion you might have or being that supplemental income that you might desperately need.

Salary: Our salary structure is based solely on commission. You will receive 95% of all the revenue generated from your content, after taxes. This revenue is generated from the advertisements that are published alongside your articles. If you're curious as to the potential income you can be making with us, please research "typical Adsense earnings" or "typical Adsense revenue". In short, you will get out what you put in. WRM offers a highly innovative web platform, expert publishing advice, and a network of like-minded contributors to use at your disposal. Our goal is to help make you successful. Your success is our success.

WRM: Hopefully you share our belief that if you find something your passionate about and find a way to make money doing it, you will never work a day in your life. To be able to do something you deeply believe in will give you energy you didn't realize you had and leave you feeling satisfied in ways you've never felt before. When considering this opportunity, know that WRM wants to make this possible for you. Please apply by emailing with a copy of an updated resume and tell us why you feel you would make for an excellent contributor.

Other Opportunities: We are also looking for bloggers and vloggers if that is the style of content you would like to contribute to our website. Any other ways you would like to contribute to our company, we would be interested in hearing about. We also welcome other forms of collaboration and partnership from other companies. Please contact us at with these inquiries.